Accelerator Facilities

The accelerator facilities of the HISKP comprise the isochronous cyclotron and the isotope separator. The proton, deuteron or alpha beam of the cyclotron with external ECR source is guided through dedicated beamlines to various experimental sites and used there, for example, for proton irradiation of silicon detectors. At the isotope separator, impure radioactive isotopes are ionised and accelerated, then separated in the separator magnet with regard to their different charge and mass, and a purified isotope beam is implanted into a target.

Current Research

The cyclotron and the isotope separator are continuously upgraded and modernised. The main focus of research with the extracted beam of the cyclotron is currently on determining the radiation hardness of particle detector components and chips. The results of these investigations support the development of detectors for environments with intense radiation fields.

Proton Irradiation of Si Detectors


Overview of scientific publications in the context of these accelerator facilities and their experiments.

Bachelor and Master Theses

To further improve and modernise the accelerator facilities and to promote young scientists, bachelor and master theses, and possibly also PhD theses, are offered regularly in the field of (accelerator) physics.